An Incomplete Work

You cannot find a man anywhere, however uncivilized or wild, who is without some idea or religion. This is because we have all been created to know the majesty of our Creator and, in knowing it, to think more highly of it than anything else…. Now, eternal and... read more

Beyond Limits

Have you noticed that when you finish one challenge in your life, instead of a time of rest, there’s often another challenge right after it—only this one is more difficult than the one before? Once I was backpacking just north of Yosemite National Park. I was one of... read more

Living Beyond Survival

A connection with Christ in our lives right now is a bond with the God of the Universe. He’s greater than anything we can think of. And He didn’t just give us life so maybe—if we believe the right four things—we won’t go to hell when we die. King David wrote “Better... read more

We Were Born for Adventure

          Hard-core sports guys like to say that unless your sport could get you killed, it isn’t really a sport. It’s just a game.           I’d say that’s pretty true about life too. If it isn’t high end dangerous, if it isn’t risky, if it isn’t scary…it’s not... read more

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Ryan Dobson is a well known speaker and author as well as the son of psychologist Dr. James C. Dobson. Ryan has written several books including his most recent manuscript titled Wanting To Believe: Faith, Family, and Finding The Exceptional Life which is set to be released on September 1, 2014. Click here to read more.